Healthy nutrition for the squash player – Eat a rainbow!

Eat a rainbow – Healthy eating is vital for supporting the body’s physiological processes and helping to repair the joints and muscles!

squash-specific fitness

Test Yourself! 3 simple tests of squash-specific fitness

In this article we’re going to take a look at fitness assessments, and explore some simple ways you can test your fitness to see where you are with your squash-specific conditioning.


What bike? Wattbike!

Bike sprints have long been one of the most familiar elements of the dedicated squash player’s training. They are ideal for enhancing endurance for the sport.


Sweating Blood: My Life In Squash – The Official Nick Matthew Autobiography

We are delighted to continue our close relationship with Nick Matthew. Here is an extract from Nick’s autobiography, which is available to pre order and will be released soon.

hot court

When training hots up: Squash performance in the heat

With Summer in full swing and temperatures rising in many parts of the world, the issue of how to successfully play and train in the heat without fatigue compromising health and performance becomes an important one. This is of particular importance to squash players, where extreme heat on court is already a very familiar concern.


Understanding ACL Injuries

ACL injuries – The actual injuring movement can often be quite innocuous, such as a slightly mistimed landing. So how can one mistimed movement cause so much ligament damage?

squash warm-up

5 reasons you should warm-up before you play squash

Have you ever wondered why you warm up before you play squash? Anybody who takes part in regular exercise or who participates in a physically demanding sport such as squash, will have doubtless heard countless times that they should be warming-up before they train or play. But why?

coaching theory

Utilising coaching theory to develop performance

Coaching is increasingly being treated as more of a science, with its own specific topics of research and study. This is of great benefit to anybody working in the coaching field.


Utilising shot & ghost drills for squash-specific conditioning

Trying to simulate the demands of a tough rally and replicate overall the unique energy requirements of the game in your conditioning sessions, should be one of your key focuses. A great way to do this is to incorporate some shot & ghost patterns into your training.

nutrition supplementation

Nutrition & supplementation for the squash player

Specifics of nutrition and what exactly we should eat, and when we should eat it are very relevant questions for such a physically demanding sport as squash

squash vacation

Keeping squash-fit on vacation – pt.1

For the dedicated squash player, the immediate concern naturally becomes: “But how will I keep up my training in Barbados/Tenerife/Skegness??”. The good news is, Squashskills is here to help!


Keeping squash-fit on vacation – pt.2

Our ‘Keeping Squash-Fit On Vacation’ workout pt.2 has the addition of the skipping and a few modifications to be made for lack of space and equipment.

smith machine

Issues With The ‘Smith Machine’ For Squash Players

Most commercial gyms these days will contain a Smith Machine or two, and their large impressive shiny frames and apparent ease of use tend to have the effect of luring less experienced exercisers into the clutches of their attractive looking, but unfortunately rather poorly designed mechanical frames. Despite being so prevalent in so many gyms for so many years, there are a number of serious flaws in both their form and function.

how does alcohol affect the performance

How does alcohol affect squash performance?

A drink in the bar of a local squash club is an integral part of the post-match experience for many amateurs, but what are it’s effects on your performance?


Being mentally tough for squash

While the need to be physically tough to succeed is clearly apparent to anyone, the equally important need for mental toughness is often overlooked.


How to select the right shoes for squash

Choosing the right squash shoes to wear on court is essential to preventing injury and damage to your joints. Achilles tendonitis, shin splints and painful blisters are some of the issues that can be prevented by using the correct court shoes.


How to choose a squash racket – PDHSports.com

How to choose a squash racket – We advise customers every day on purchasing a squash racket. Here are some of the key factors to take into consideration:

yoga for squash

Yoga for Squash: How to gain the competitive edge

Yoga for squash – If you haven’t yet tried Yoga or haven’t yet found the right class, I can confidently say that you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.


Playing like you practice

A problem sports psychologists often hear reported by sportspeople of all levels is an inability to replicate their training performance in a more competitive environment.


Peter on yoga & squash

I tend to have a short attention span when it comes to my physical conditioning – focusing day-to-day and/or week-by-week with my preparation and recovery. I was not always this way; when I was a professional my regime was long-term, unwavering, and there was always plenty of time allocated to training.