nutrition supplementation

Nutrition & supplementation for the squash player

Specifics of what exactly we should eat, and when we should eat it are very relevant questions for such a physically demanding sport as squash, and diet and nutrition are certainly areas that we will branch out into further in the coming months here on the site.

squash vacation

Keeping squash-fit on vacation – pt.1

For the dedicated squash player, the immediate concern naturally becomes: “But how will I keep up my training in Barbados/Tenerife/Skegness??”. The good news is, Squashskills is here to help!


Keeping squash-fit on vacation – pt.2

Our ‘Keeping Squash-Fit On Vacation’ workout pt.2 has the addition of the skipping and a few modifications to be made for lack of space and equipment.

smith machine

Issues With The ‘Smith Machine’ For Squash Players

Most commercial gyms these days will contain a Smith Machine or two, and their large impressive shiny frames and apparent ease of use tend to have the effect of luring less experienced exercisers into the clutches of their attractive looking, but unfortunately rather poorly designed mechanical frames. Despite being so prevalent in so many gyms for so many years, there are a number of serious flaws in both their form and function.

how does alcohol affect the performance

How does alcohol affect the performance of a squash player?

A drink in the bar of a local squash club is an integral part of the post-match experience for many amateurs, but what are it’s effects on your performance?


Being mentally tough for squash

While the need to be physically tough to succeed is clearly apparent to anyone, the equally important need for mental toughness is often overlooked.


How to select the right shoes for squash

Choosing the right squash shoes to wear on court is essential to preventing injury and damage to your joints. Achilles tendonitis, shin splints and painful blisters are some of the issues that can be prevented by using the correct court shoes.

yoga for squash

Yoga for Squash: How to gain the competitive edge

Yoga for squash – If you haven’t yet tried Yoga or haven’t yet found the right class, I can confidently say that you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.


How to choose a squash racket –

How to choose a squash racket – We advise customers every day on purchasing a squash racket. Here are some of the key factors to take into consideration:


Playing like you practice

A problem sports psychologists often hear reported by sportspeople of all levels is an inability to replicate their training performance in a more competitive environment.


Peter on yoga & squash

I tend to have a short attention span when it comes to my physical conditioning – focusing day-to-day and/or week-by-week with my preparation and recovery. I was not always this way; when I was a professional my regime was long-term, unwavering, and there was always plenty of time allocated to training.


Winning ugly

I would recommend to pick up ‘Winning Ugly’ – one of the best books out there on implementing simple, effective mental strategies into your game.


Spinning for squash

One class that potentially holds value for the squash player is Spinning.

common cold

Combating the common cold

For those of us in the northern hemisphere the dropping temperatures and shorter days marks the incoming heart of Winter, and for those so predisposed it’s unfortunately also the peak of what is often termed as ‘cold season’.


Fitness Tip of the Week: Sore Muscles?

Below is a list of some of my personal favourites that I suggest for Squash players with sore muscles.


Take it slow…

This week’s blog is prompted by a session I ran recently, introducing a couple of good standard u17 junior players to a new speed/agility drill they hadn’t done before. It was quite a technical drill, where we were really looking to emphasise focus on the split step, elasticity, and efficiency of movement.

What really struck me, was how difficult it was for the players to actually go through it slowly. Every repetition was being done at high pace; even after they’d been told to slow it right down to get a proper feel of the movement before increasing the pace up to the full working sets.

squash tin size

Understand the difference that tin size makes

It is really important to understand the difference the lower 17” tin makes in the men’s professional game and therefore the types of boast that can be played from various areas.


The image of successful squash!

Any small advantage gained can potentially provide that crucial edge that is the difference between winning and losing. One technique is Imagery.

adrian grant

11 Points on Fitness Q&A: Adrian Grant

Adrian has recently returned from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, where he and Nick Matthew teamed up to win silver medals in the men’s doubles, narrowly missing out on adding a second gold to the one’s they won in Delhi in 2010. Adrian has also been a key member of several of England’s European and World Championship winning teams, while reaching a career high no. 9 in the PSA rankings and claiming a number of the tour’s most prestigious titles.


Training for gain, not just pain!

Depending on the actual goals of the session, the make-up of a training drill intended to improve an aspect of our physical conditioning can take many different forms. Our goal with every session has to be clearly realised however, and our aim should always be GAIN and not just PAIN.