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We’ve discussed on the site before the importance of a strong mental game for maximising squash performance. Especially in matches with very closely matched participants, any small advantage gained can potentially provide that crucial edge that is the difference between winning and losing. One of the most popular and oft-utilised sport psychology techniques is Imagery.


11 Points on Fitness Q&A: Adrian Grant

Adrian has recently returned from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, where he and Nick Matthew teamed up to win silver medals in the men’s doubles, narrowly missing out on adding a second gold to the one’s they won in Delhi in 2010. Adrian has also been a key member of several of England’s European and World Championship winning teams, while reaching a career high no. 9 in the PSA rankings and claiming a number of the tour’s most prestigious titles.


Training for gain, not just pain!

Depending on the actual goals of the session, the make-up of a training drill intended to improve an aspect of our physical conditioning can take many different forms. Just as the mechanics of what we actually do will vary depending on the particular aspect of fitness we’re aiming to develop, so too will the actual effort and intensity of the session. Our goal with every session has to be clearly realised however, and our aim should always be GAIN and not just PAIN.


Pre-Performance routines

One of the biggest frequently problems reported by a lot of squash players, is achieving a consistent level of performance. That familiar and frustrating feeling of playing your best squash one day, and then walking on court for your next performance and feeling like you’ve never hit a ball before, is one that has affected most regular players at one time or another.

squash junior

Coaching: Developing young athletes

Everyone’s approach to working with and developing young athletes is different, and there are numerous different views and methods as to the ‘right’ way to do it.


Do you need a New Year detox?

Whilst New Year’s resolutions revolving around healthy lifestyle goals and new fitness programme pledges are a long established tradition, something related that has become an ever increasing trend in recent years amongst health devotees looking to kick-start their wellness regimes is the ‘Detox’ – a juice/supplement/enema based ‘flushing’ of the body, to cleanse you of ‘toxins’ and set you on the righteous path toward health and happiness.

junior squash athlete

Early stage specialisation for junior athletes

For those that coach juniors or have children of their own that are keen squash players, the question often comes up of ‘How soon should my child specialise in just the one sport’? It’s a difficult one, with lots of factors to consider, and it can often be tough to give a categorical answer.

chocolate milk

Got (Choc) Milk?

After a tough training session or match, our bodies are often left in a state of depletion – replenishing certain nutrients in this post-exercise period can be crucial in optimising our recovery.