Squash coaching camps 2019 – Birmingham & Berlin

5th March 2019

Join us at one of our upcoming coaching camps in Birmingham or Berlin and let us help you take your game to the next level.

Birmingham – Increase your shot options!

It’s important to have the ability to hit multiple shots from the same setup. If you only have one telegraphed option then it becomes very easy for your opponent to tell what is coming next and move on to your next shot early.

When you watch the professional players you’ll notice how many options they appear to have and how late they make the decisions about what shot they are going to play.

If you are able to show your opponent that you can hit the ball to any of the 4 corners then you force them to take up a neutral T position and prevent them from stepping into lines early.

Over the course of the weekend, we’ll help you to create more options from the same swing and bring more variety to your play.

This camp takes place at Edgbaston Priory in Birmingham on April 6th & 7th. Full details can be found here.

Berlin – Learn to volley more effectively!

If you watch the best players in the world, you’ll quickly realise that they have a desire to volley the ball at nearly every opportunity.

It’s an important skill that allows you to stay close to the T whilst taking time away from your opponent.

Over the course of the camp, we’ll explain how to take control of the T zone and increase the number of opportunities you have to volley, both long and short.

This camp sees a return visit to Berlin on May 18th & 19th. Find out more here.

Meet the coaches

“Fantastic squash camp well organised by some of the top coaches in the game.

The camps are fun with a healthy mix of squash training, fitness/mobility training and playing too. Plus you make new (like-minded) friends from all over Europe!

I have enjoyed the website and camps so much, I now consider myself a SquashSkills advocate and regular camper!”

Alex Panasuk, Germany

Standards vary from complete beginner to seasoned county players with everything in between.

We’ve had players travel in from as far afield as Japan, Vancouver and San Fransisco and it’s always satisfying to hear different accents all talking the same language around a sport we all love.

We’d love to see some new faces mixed in with the old, If you’re keen to join us on one of the coaching camps and have any questions, please email Sandra.

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