So here goes... SquashSkills along with PSA SquashTV are the greatest media assets for the squash community worldwide.

I started playing squash at 7 years of age in Lusaka, Zambia. I played throughout my teens and even won the Qatar Open in 1983, aged 18. (Don't get too excited it was pre PSA!). Anyway cutting a long story short, post university I got married, kids, career, too much of a social life and basically gave up playing apart from a short spell when I worked in Stuttgart in Germany.

As I turned 50, started watching SquashTV and then through that got introduced to SquashSkills. Joined the great West Warwickshire Club in Solihull and with the  encouragement from people like David Harper, Duncan Campbell, Chris Tasker-Grimley and of course Rob Owen, started playing again at decent level (for a 50+ year old). I really used to remind me of all the solo drills to get my technique back in reasonable shape. I even attended one of the SquashSkills camps at Birmingham Uni which was great fun.

Work took me to India a couple of years ago, some great players here and a good squash crowd. I even got back to winning ways and with my local team won the Bangalore Squash League team tournament last month.

My advice to anyone wanting to improve their game is check out the content on Best advice on technique, fitness and match play from legends of the game!

Andy Stevenson

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