Learn to improve your accuracy with the help of SquashSkills and SquashLevels

15th April 2019

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We’ve teamed up with SquashLevels to run an experiment to find out how a players ability to hit targets consistently reflects their playing ability.

As Jethro explains in the video above, we’ve designed a number of 60-second challenges that cover various aspects of the game and want to see what correlation there is between your results and your SquashLevel. 

All you need to do is to take the 10 minutes’ worth of testing and share your results with us. We’ll then work our magic and create a report that will give players of all levels the chance to identify their own strengths and weaknesses. 

You will be helping us out a great deal as we look to understand the relationship between a player’s ability to consistently hit targets and their playing level, as measured by SquashLevels.

We firmly believe that there is a strong correlation between accuracy and playing level and see this as a great opportunity to demonstrate the importance of solo practice to the wider community.

Every person who enters a full set of test results will be entered into a draw to win a brand new Salming Grit Powerlite Racket which goes on general sale in June. You will be one of the only people in the whole world with access to the racket. Not only that but you’ll also win a space on a SquashSkills camp, annual SquashSkills, SquashTV and SquashLevels memberships, as well a Salming T-shirt, headband, sweatbands and a brand new pair of Salming shoes!

How to enter

You can either enter your test results on your SquashLevels player history page if you are a SquashLevels member or otherwise use this Google form.

We will be running the testing period until the 13th of May and will announce the winner on the 16th of May.

The winner will be contacted and asked to send a video clip of themselves taking one of the tests, so don’t forget to take a clip.

* Please note that SquashLevels is primarily available in the UK at this stage.

* Every SquashLevels member who has entered their test results prior to the competition launch  (16th of April) will be included in the draw.

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