Guide to playlists

26th September 2018

Here at SquashSkills we release playlists on a weekly basis that cover all aspects of the sport. We curate each week by working with coaches and players that we truly respect and trust to deliver useful and insightful content.

New playlists are released on a Monday morning and can be digested in two different ways.

You can either watch them video by video or scroll straight to the bottom of the playlist where you will find the full playlist available in one singular video format.

Once you are on the video page itself, you have a few different options that will allow you to manage your favourite content.

If you want to save the whole playlist, simply click the + button in the top right. This will save the playlist into the left-hand navigation section under the bookmarks tab. From there you can quickly access your favourite playlists.

If you do not have time to watch a video but want to bookmark it for viewing at a later date, simply click the flag at the top right of the thumbnail. This will add the video to the bookmark section of the ‘squash coaching’ section. To access those videos simply hover over the bookmarks label and the videos will appear to the right on the desktop.

If you would like to create your own playlists, you can do so by clicking the ‘Add to playlist’ in the bottom left.

This playlist will then appear at the left hand navigation section under the bookmarks tab. Just click on the first video to watch the playlist you’ve created.

The share button allows you to either post content you like up on social channels or to add it to a group within the platform. The groups are aimed at individuals who want to share ideas with other players or coaches, teams who can plan group training sessions or coaches who want to share useful content with their players.

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