SquashSkills Coach Education Workshop

18th June 2019

A new and very exciting branch of the SquashSkills universe will involve the first ever coach education course taking place in Kraków over the weekend of 7th and 8th September. For a long time, we at SquashSkills have been asked to run such a course by enthusiastic coaches wishing to take their knowledge and coaching skills of the game to the next level. We are extremely energized and excited to be able to now offer it to the coaches out there.

Typical squash coaching courses designed by national governing bodies have a lot of restrictions on them and a very set and formalized way of going about coaching. It sometimes feels like a ‘one size fits all’ approach to coaching and the feedback from attendees has been one of frustration due to the rigid way it has been set out and put across to them. What we feel that will make this course more engaging and valuable is the fact that we have the license to make it as bespoke for the coaches attending. We want to make the most impact on those attending in the 2-days that we have and we feel we have designed a very engaging and stimulating course to hit this goal of ours.

As you well know, the SquashSkills library of videos is vast and ever expanding with some phenomenal advice from some of the world’s best players and coaches. We will be using a lot of the site’s tools at our disposal to engage and stimulate debate around the modern game and the best coaching practices to be aware of and how to effectively put these messages across to students willing to learn. We believe that visual learning is a cornerstone of success for any player and we will be utilizing video evidence and digital technology to aid coaches with making their points to their students. Coaching in the modern world should involve video evidence to back up the points the coaches are attempting to make. We have found this to be a valuable asset in the coaches arsenal and one we will be encouraging attendees to become proficient at.

The two coaches leading the course, Paul Carter and Jesse Engelbrecht, are both England Squash High-Performance Coaches (which is a post-graduate diploma in High-Performance Coaching with the University of Gloucester). Both are at the cutting edge of the latest developments and philosophies in the game and both coaches are currently working with the full range of players including world ranked professionals as well as grassroots and junior development and everything in between. They bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the table and both are continually learning new and innovative ways of coaching.

We have thought about this course as a CPD (continuing professional development) for squash coaches but the more we thought about what CPD actually meant we came up with the concept around coaching that CPD actually stood for something a little different:

  • Collect current in-depth squash understanding
  • Produce individual/group lessons, lesson structure, lesson type and using a sliding scale/coach philosophy
  • Deliver appropriate player centred progressive technical and tactical lessons

We believe the CPD (collect, produce, deliver) aspect of the weekend will be of great benefit to all the coaches attending and can be expanded, nurtured and developed post-course. We will be signposting all coaches towards areas of interest in the coaching sphere where they can become more informed about different coaching techniques as well as link them to squash and their own understanding of the skill and art of coaching. On the course, we will deliver 8 modules which we believe will cover as much of the essentials as necessary over the weekend to equip the attendees with some great tools to take away and use immediately.

All coaches attending will be granted a certification of attendance and something that would look very good on a CV. As everyone knows, SquashSkills garners a lot of respect worldwide for the quality of the content on the site as well as the high-quality coaches that work for the company. Showing having attended this CPD course as a coach would, we believe, add value to your employability.

coach educationOh, and one final thing to consider, if you have never been to Krakow it is an AMAZING city to visit and highly recommended. We were lucky enough to run a camp there earlier in the year and all people not from the city really got a treat of how wonderful it is. The nightlife is vibrant, positive and welcoming and the food and drink is relatively cheap compared to UK prices. We are super excited to be going back as feel there is more to see and do around the city once the squash has finished on each of the days. We look forward to seeing you there for some great learning and some great socializing.

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Join a new and exciting course run by elite level coaches Paul Carter and Jesse Engelbrecht who are both at the cutting edge of the latest and most up-to-date coaching methods and styles ranging from absolute beginner players right through the pathway to some of the worlds highest ranked professionals.

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