Circuits are a great method of training, perfect for squash players to use to optimise time and get maximum impact.

To kick off 2017 we’re launching our brand new SquashSkills ‘Circuit of the Month’ series, a FREE monthly workout for all our registered members.

For January’s circuit, we’re hitting the ground running with a tough 6 station endurance session. The only piece of equipment you’ll need is a skipping rope – beyond that it’s just you, your training shoes, and the court!

You’ll work for 30secs on each station, with 30secs rest before you move onto the next. Once you’ve completed all of the stations, you’ll rest for 2mins and then repeat for 3 total sets of the circuit. The session page introduction contains all the details you’ll need, along with technique videos for each of the component stations.

There are some great workout timers out there that you can use to help keep track of work/rest in your circuit sessions, to avoid having to keep referring to a stopwatch or wristwatch. One of my favourites is Workout Timer, but there are plenty of options available for both iOS and Android devices on the respective app stores.

For those looking for more training ideas, we’ve got a number of great squash-specific circuits for our members here on the site. Circuits are a great way to structure your training, inherently flexible and modifiable to allow you to target a wide range of different fitness elements including speed, endurance, and power.

Stations: 6
Work Period: 30secs
Rest Periods: 30secs
Sets: 3
Rest Between Sets: 2mins



Gary Nisbet - B.Sc.(Hons), CSCS, NSCA-CPT, Dip. FTST 
Squashskills Fitness & Performance Director


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