Circuit of the month: November

5th November 2020

In our SquashSkills ‘Circuit of the Month’ series, we introduce a brand new squash-specific conditioning session every 4 weeks, to help bring some new ideas to your physical training and give you some fresh drills and training methods to try out.

Circuits are the ideal method of training for the squash player, perfect to use to optimise your available time and to get maximum impact from your workouts.

For November’s circuit, we’ve got a new limited space power session for you to try, giving you the means to train your squash-specific power and acceleration even if you’re restricted to working in a small area.

Power is such a key physical attribute for the squash player, with the sport is so predicated on explosive repeat movements around the court. For this circuit you’ll work on developing your rate of force generation with a combination of fast skipping reps interspersed with a selection of jumping exercises.

Each circuit will consist of 3 sets of 30secs skipping, followed by 6 reps of max height jumps – revolving between squat jumps, jumping switch lunges, and stability hops. You’ll rest for 1min between each skip/jump combo. The session page introduction contains all the details you’ll need, along with technique videos for each of the component machines.

For those looking for more great training ideas, we’ve got a huge range of squash-specific circuits for our members here on the site. Circuits are a great way to structure your training, inherently flexible and modifiable to allow you to target a wide range of different fitness elements including speed, endurance, and power.

Check out the November circuit and technique videos here.

Circuit Overview

STATIONS: 6 (3x skip/jump)
WORK PERIODS: 30secs>6 jumps
SETS: 2, 4, or 6


Gary Nisbet

B.Sc.(Hons), CSCS, NSCA-CPT, Dip. FTST
SquashSkills Fitness & Performance Director

Make sure to warm-up properly before your circuit sessions!

Check out this series where Gary teaches you his 3 stage warm-up to be physically prepped and ready.

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