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Common Amateur Fault – Clipping the sidewall

4th October 2019
clipping the sidewall

One huge area that I get amateur players to do to improve quickly is the idea of NOT clipping the sidewall when they are playing straight. This is especially true and exaggerated even more when attempting to taking the ball in short.

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Put it into practice: Forehand back corner coaching session

30th September 2019

Ever-popular South African luminary Jesse Engelbrecht is back leading our brand new featured content this week, this time delving into the intricacies of the back forehand corner.

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Using your strings

10th July 2019

You often hear a lot of coaches on the site talk about ‘using your strings’ when explaining a concept about how to hit the ball. This seems a particularly common phrase when coaches are talking about taking the ball in short. The concept can also be applied to different subtle types of lengths also and an appreciation of this subtle art is useful. It could be deemed quite an obvious term to ‘use your strings’ as what else would you use right? The frame of your racket? The grip? You obviously want to hit the ball using your strings so what really does ‘using your strings’ mean?

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Put it into practice: Nick Matthew’s guide to volleying – Part 3 for Advanced

8th July 2019
advanced volleying

It’s the final entry in our SquashSkills exclusive 3-part series ‘Nick Matthew’s guide to the volley’ this week, with a deeper examination of the more advanced elements of the shot being covered this time round.

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Be more effective with your finishing

26th June 2019
effective finishing

Do you often get wrapped up watching the Shot of the Season videos on the PSA and be in awe of what you have just seen? Or watching how Tarek Momen effortlessly puts in his backhand volley drop inch perfect? Or Ali Farag’s backhand cross-court nick? Or Daryl Selby’s backhand topspin volley? Or Mohammed Shorbagy’s forehand booming kill? Or Nour El Tayeb’s forehand volley kills? Or Raneem El Welily’s forehand to spin deception?

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Put it into practice: Nick Matthew’s guide to volleying – Part 2 for Intermediate

24th June 2019
Guide to volleying

We’re delighted to release the second part of our comprehensive Nick Matthew series on the volley this week, moving onto some more technical aspects of the shot for those players who are already proficient at the basics.

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Put it into practice: Nick Matthew’s guide to volleying – Part 1 for beginners

10th June 2019
guide to volleying

We’re excited to introduce our brand new comprehensive series on volleying to the site this week – and who better to take us on this journey, than 3 x World Champion and legend of the game Nick Matthew!

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Put it into practice: Pressure drills with Shaun Moxham

23rd May 2019
pressure drills

It’s been great to welcome elite Australian coach Shaun Moxham back on the site this week, featuring a new series of videos where he demonstrates some very innovative and creative ways to apply pressure to his students – perfect for those looking to take their training intensity up a notch.

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Put it into practice: Backhand return of serve with Jesse Engelbrecht

13th May 2019

Due to popular demand, elite coach Jesse Engelbrecht is back with us on SquashSkills this week with another great playlist. For this brand new series, Jesse takes a look at the bane of many a squash players life – the backhand return of serve!

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Put it into practice: Technique, tactics and nutrition with Paul Coll

29th April 2019
technique tactics nutrition
We’re delighted to have Paul Coll back with us on SquashSkills this week, giving us more great insight into his tactics, technique, and training.
In his interview with SquashSkills CEO Jethro Binns, Paul discusses a variety of topics including his thoughts on the tactical evolution of the modern game, how he’s developed his swing, and the importance of a disciplined approach to diet & nutrition.
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Put it into practice: Backhand back corner coaching session with Jesse Engelbrecht

8th April 2019
backhand back corner session

One huge area of frustration for a lot of players is the ability to deal effectively with balls that get put into the deep backhand corner of the court. In the playlist, a lot of key fundamentals were drilled down on and paid attention to, and in my opinion what areas need to be done well in order to have successful outcomes.

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Put it into practice: The learning journey with Hadrian Stiff

25th March 2019
learning journey

This week we welcome back Elite Squash Head Coach Hadrian Stiff to the site. Hadrian has put together a fascinating playlist that examines his personal philosophies surrounding the ‘learning journey’, and how he approaches that coaching process with the players he works with.

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Put it into practice: Forehand technique session with Jethro Binns

11th March 2019
forehand technique

This week’s featured video content is focused on some of the common issues amateur players have on the forehand side of the court. SquashSkills founder and former Welsh international player Jethro Binns was joined on-court by friend of the site Paul Miles, for a much requested follow up to their previous playlist where they worked on the backhand side.

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Put it into practice: Train like Paul Coll

26th February 2019
paul coll training

New Zealand’s Paul Coll is our featured player this week, and we’ve had a fantastic response to our exclusive documentary ‘More Than a Machine’ that examines the background and training regime of the Kiwi star.

The purpose of this blog is to give you some suggestions of elements you can incorporate into your training, to help allow you to put into practice some of Paul’s conditioning-related insights.

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Put it into practice: Importance of wrist position with Dave Pearson

11th February 2019
wrist position

We’re delighted to have David ‘DP’ Pearson back on the site, sharing with us his expert insights on wrist position for the squash player.

DP is one of the best-known coaches in the game, thanks in part to his extensive work with both Nick Matthew and Laura Massaro. Much of what DP talks about in this series, you can really see demonstrated when watching any of his proteges in action.

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Put it into practice: Routines and condition games with Paul Carter

28th January 2019
wrist position

Elite coach Paul Carter is back on SquashSkills this week, with a great new series taking an in-depth look at routines and condition games. The aim of this blog is to help you put Paul’s expert insight into practice, allowing you to better incorporate these kinds of sessions into your training for maximum results.

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Put it into practice: Creating flow through the shot

14th January 2019
creating flow through the shot

SquashSkills favourite Lee Drew is our featured coach this week, introducing a brand new series on creating flow through the shot. The purpose of this blog is to help you put Lee’s valuable insights into practice, supporting you as you learn to better link your movement into your shot and start incorporating more rhythm into your game.

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Put it into practice: Unlock the secrets of clean hitting on the backhand!

13th December 2018
backhand hitting

Getting the biomechanics of your swing working correctly is essential to hitting a successful backhand. In the brand new series on SquashSkills with amateur player Paul Miles, we filmed a one on one coaching session and explained the key elements of the swing that allow you to hit with more pace and accuracy.

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Put it into practice: Hitting on the rise with DP

3rd December 2018
hitting on the rise

The modern game has seen players looking to increase the pace at almost every opportunity. If they’re unable to play a volley then you’ll increasingly see the top pros taking the ball ‘on the rise’.

So what does ‘on the rise’ actually mean? It means that the ball is being hit before the top of the bounce and it can be done from a variety of different positions in the court.

Who better to explain how to start adding this to your own game than one of the game’s greatest coaches, David Pearson.

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Put it into practice: The lob with Peter Nicol

13th September 2018
the lob

In this week’s featured playlist, SquashSkills co-founder and legend of the sport Peter Nicol takes us through his guide to the lob.

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