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Put it into practice: Serve variations with Jethro Binns

3rd August 2020
serve variations

SquashSkills CEO Jethro Binns has put together another great playlist this week, this time taking a look at one of the most important but under-appreciated shots in the game – the serve.

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Put it into practice: Effective Defending with Jesse Engelbrecht

21st July 2020

SquashSkills favourite Jesse Engelbrecht is back in front of the camera for us this week, drilling down into what is a really deep and interesting topic – that of ‘effective defending’. This is a great playlist on a really crucial aspect of the sport, delivered in Jesse’s usual methodical and engaging approach.

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Put it into practice: Taking the ball short with Hadrian Stiff

6th July 2020

Elite Squash Head Coach Hadrian Stiff joins us again this week, with an in-depth playlist on the process of taking the ball short. Taking the ball into the front of the court is such a huge part of the game, yet is something that so many amateur players struggle to do with any real control or consistency.

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Put it into practice: Guide to the boast with Lee Drew

22nd June 2020

This week we welcome back Lee Drew, a man of many talents in the squash world including elite coach, professional referee consultant, and PSA TV co-commentator. He’s put together a comprehensive new series for us, covering all of the what’s, why’s, and how’s of the boast.

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Put it into practice: Counter drops & trickle boasts with Jethro Binns

1st June 2020

SquashSkills CEO Jethro Binns steps back in front of the camera this week, bringing us his guidance and advice on using counter drops and trickle boasts to help develop your threat at the front of the court.

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The graceful movement of the pros explained

28th May 2020

When observing professional players I have noticed, on the whole, a specific ratio of movement that occurs when they are in control and not having to scramble. The effortless flow and grace around the court is something to behold and admire and there are a few key specifics that they employ in order to allow the ‘walking’ towards the shot as well as back to the T area. 

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Put it into practice: Solo practices with Joey Barrington

18th May 2020

After all the events of the past few months, It’s great to finally see squash courts begin to open up in certain parts of the world. It does look likely however, that there will be some restrictions placed upon their use in the short-term, although these may differ from place to place – this may mean that for many though, they’ll only be allowed on-court to train alone for now.

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Put it into practice: Ball skill development from home

28th April 2020
ball skill

This brand new playlist sees SquashSkills own Jesse Engelbrecht back with another instalment of his ever-entertaining ball skill development at-home exercises!

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Put it into practice: The grip with Lee Drew

16th March 2020

We’re pleased to welcome back elite coach and PSA commentator extraordinaire Lee Drew to SquashSkills this week, with a brand new featured series on the theme of ‘Back to Basics’ looking primarily at the grip and grip adaptations.

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Common Amateur Fault – Lack of chipping

27th February 2020

Whenever I walk past a court and see two decent amateur players having a match the first thing that strikes me is the sound that is being produced by the players. Often it is quite a loud sound with lots of hard hitting and heavy movements.

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Put it into practice: Control the T

17th February 2020

We’re welcoming back SquashSkills regular Jesse Engelbrecht this week for his latest featured playlist, where this time he’s turning his expert eye to take a look at one of our real squash fundamentals: Controlling the T.

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Common amateur fault – not getting low enough

12th December 2019
getting low

After watching a lot of PSA matches of late and then going in to coach amateur players, one massive disconnect that I am noticing a lot and that is becoming more and more evident is the lack of bend in the knees amateur players use. If you watch a pro match take a moment to notice and look at what is happening in the lower half of the body. It is phenomenal how much they use their knees and legs to contribute to the shot. Amateurs tend to be very limited with the amount of softening of the knees that they use and this contributes to a lot of limitations within their games. If you are going to watch someone, at the moment for me Joel Makin is one of the best in the world at this and I believe part of his recent success is due to how low he gets in his shots.

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Put it into practice: Serving basics with Shaun Moxham

18th November 2019
serving basics

We’ve got top Aussie coach Shaun Moxham back on SquashSkills this week, taking us through the basics of the serve – a shot that is often undervalued at the amateur level, but which plays a key role in being effective on the court.

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Put it into practice: James Willstrop’s backhand dropshot

21st October 2019
james willstrop

We’ve had the privilege of hosting some fantastic coaching insight from one of the greatest British professional players of the generation here at SquashSkills over the past couple of weeks, with our brand new ‘Best in the Business’ series featuring former world no.1 James Willstrop in its inaugural edition.

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Common Amateur Fault – Clipping the sidewall

4th October 2019
clipping the sidewall

One huge area that I get amateur players to do to improve quickly is the idea of NOT clipping the sidewall when they are playing straight. This is especially true and exaggerated even more when attempting to taking the ball in short.

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Put it into practice: Forehand back corner coaching session

30th September 2019

Ever-popular South African luminary Jesse Engelbrecht is back leading our brand new featured content this week, this time delving into the intricacies of the back forehand corner.

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Using your strings

10th July 2019

You often hear a lot of coaches on the site talk about ‘using your strings’ when explaining a concept about how to hit the ball. This seems a particularly common phrase when coaches are talking about taking the ball in short. The concept can also be applied to different subtle types of lengths also and an appreciation of this subtle art is useful. It could be deemed quite an obvious term to ‘use your strings’ as what else would you use right? The frame of your racket? The grip? You obviously want to hit the ball using your strings so what really does ‘using your strings’ mean?

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Put it into practice: Nick Matthew’s guide to volleying – Part 3 for Advanced

8th July 2019
advanced volleying

It’s the final entry in our SquashSkills exclusive 3-part series ‘Nick Matthew’s guide to the volley’ this week, with a deeper examination of the more advanced elements of the shot being covered this time round.

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Be more effective with your finishing

26th June 2019
effective finishing

Do you often get wrapped up watching the Shot of the Season videos on the PSA and be in awe of what you have just seen? Or watching how Tarek Momen effortlessly puts in his backhand volley drop inch perfect? Or Ali Farag’s backhand cross-court nick? Or Daryl Selby’s backhand topspin volley? Or Mohammed Shorbagy’s forehand booming kill? Or Nour El Tayeb’s forehand volley kills? Or Raneem El Welily’s forehand to spin deception?

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Put it into practice: Nick Matthew’s guide to volleying – Part 2 for Intermediate

24th June 2019
Guide to volleying

We’re delighted to release the second part of our comprehensive Nick Matthew series on the volley this week, moving onto some more technical aspects of the shot for those players who are already proficient at the basics.

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