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Put it into practice: Taking the ball short with Hadrian Stiff

6th July 2020

Elite Squash Head Coach Hadrian Stiff joins us again this week, with an in-depth playlist on the process of taking the ball short. Taking the ball into the front of the court is such a huge part of the game, yet is something that so many amateur players struggle to do with any real control or consistency.

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Put it into practice: Guide to the boast with Lee Drew

22nd June 2020

This week we welcome back Lee Drew, a man of many talents in the squash world including elite coach, professional referee consultant, and PSA TV co-commentator. He’s put together a comprehensive new series for us, covering all of the what’s, why’s, and how’s of the boast.

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Put it into practice: Counter drops & trickle boasts with Jethro Binns

1st June 2020

SquashSkills CEO Jethro Binns steps back in front of the camera this week, bringing us his guidance and advice on using counter drops and trickle boasts to help develop your threat at the front of the court.

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Put it into practice: Solo practices with Joey Barrington

18th May 2020

After all the events of the past few months, It’s great to finally see squash courts begin to open up in certain parts of the world. It does look likely however, that there will be some restrictions placed upon their use in the short-term, although these may differ from place to place – this may mean that for many though, they’ll only be allowed on-court to train alone for now.

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Put it into practice: Ball skill development from home

28th April 2020
ball skill

This brand new playlist sees SquashSkills own Jesse Engelbrecht back with another instalment of his ever-entertaining ball skill development at-home exercises!

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Put it into practice: Exercising at home effectively

6th April 2020
home workout

For this week’s brand new playlist we have SquashSkills Fitness & Performance Director Gary Nisbet taking over, with a very timely series of videos taking a look at ways you can adapt your squash-specific fitness work, to be able to still train hard even if confined to your home.

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Put it into practice: The grip with Lee Drew

16th March 2020

We’re pleased to welcome back elite coach and PSA commentator extraordinaire Lee Drew to SquashSkills this week, with a brand new featured series on the theme of ‘Back to Basics’ looking primarily at the grip and grip adaptations.

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Put it into practice: Mental approach

2nd March 2020
mental approach

SquashSkills co-founder and all-time great of the sport Peter Nicol is back centre stage this week, as he introduces a brand new playlist that examines his mental approach to the game, and details what players at all levels of the game can learn from his experiences.

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Put it into practice: Control the T

17th February 2020

We’re welcoming back SquashSkills regular Jesse Engelbrecht this week for his latest featured playlist, where this time he’s turning his expert eye to take a look at one of our real squash fundamentals: Controlling the T.

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Put it into practice: Concentration and attention with Shayne Duncan

3rd February 2020

We’re pleased to welcome elite Australian sports psychologist Shayne Duncan to SquashSkills for our latest featured playlist, in which he breaks down and discusses two of the key mental attributes crucial to our success on the court – concentration and attention.

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Put it into practice: Origins – Ghosting

14th January 2020

There are few names more synonymous with the sport of squash than Jonah Barrington, and we’re delighted that he agreed to sit down with us at the back end of last year to share some knowledge and experience from his many years within the sport. It’s been an incredible privilege for us here at SquashSkills to work with someone of Jonah’s stature, a man who has had as much of an impact on the way we play and understand the game of squash as anyone in the history of the sport.

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Put it into practice: Length hitting tactics

16th December 2019

Elite Australian coach Shaun Moxham joins us here on SquashSkills for our fresh new December content, this time examining the topic of length hitting – one of the very foundations of the game of squash.

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Put it into practice: Basic amateur tactics

2nd December 2019

SquashSkills co-founder and legend of the sport Peter Nicol is back in the spotlight this week, as he introduces a brand new playlist for us taking a look at basic tactics for the amateur player.

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Put it into practice: Serving basics with Shaun Moxham

18th November 2019
serving basics

We’ve got top Aussie coach Shaun Moxham back on SquashSkills this week, taking us through the basics of the serve – a shot that is often undervalued at the amateur level, but which plays a key role in being effective on the court.

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Put it into practice: Group coaching with Bryan Patterson

4th November 2019

Our spotlight video this week on SquashSkills sees a bit of a change of gear, as we welcome Bryan Patterson to the site for the latest episode in our ‘In Conversation’ series – this time round with a focus on the topic of coaching groups. We’ve put this feature together primarily for all of our members out there working in the field with young players, and hope that you find the dialogue as insightful and interesting as we did!

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Put it into practice: James Willstrop’s backhand dropshot

21st October 2019
james willstrop

We’ve had the privilege of hosting some fantastic coaching insight from one of the greatest British professional players of the generation here at SquashSkills over the past couple of weeks, with our brand new ‘Best in the Business’ series featuring former world no.1 James Willstrop in its inaugural edition.

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Put it into practice: Forehand back corner coaching session

30th September 2019

Ever-popular South African luminary Jesse Engelbrecht is back leading our brand new featured content this week, this time delving into the intricacies of the back forehand corner.

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Put it into practice: Dealing with injury

16th September 2019
squash injury

We’ve got something a little different on the site this week, as SquashSkills’ own Peter Nicol & Gary Nisbet take a look at the bane of every squash players career – Injury.

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Put it into practice: Playing different styles with DP

2nd September 2019
different styles

We’re privileged to have top English coach David ‘DP’ Pearson back with us talking about playing different styles on SquashSkills this week, one of the very best in the business.

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Put it into practice: Attacking patterns of play with LJ Anjema

16th August 2019
attacking patterns of play

We’re thrilled to welcome back Dutch star LJ Anjema to SquashSkills this week, taking a look at the topic of ‘attacking patterns of play’.

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