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5 top tips to help you get the most out of your squash training sessions

26th June 2019
squash training session

Whatever level you play at, your training time is valuable. Whether you’re a purely recreational player juggling a busy work and family calendar trying to fit in a few extra sessions a week to improve, or you’re an elite level professional looking to cover the entire spectrum of solo practice, drill sessions, matchplay, and physical training, time is rarely something that we have in abundance.
To help you maximise your precious training time and get the very most out of your available session slots, check out our SquashSkills top 5 tips.


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11 Points on Fitness Q&A: Mazen Hesham

22nd May 2019

We have a brand new edition of our popular ’11 Points on Fitness’ Q&A, this time featuring Egyptian star Mazen Hesham.

Mazen has been on a long road back from injury after first bursting onto the scene several years ago, but a big win over Diego Elias at this week’s British Open is a sign that he’s almost back to his best.

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Malcolm Willstrop – Accuracy

15th April 2019

We asked Malcolm Willstrop what the single most important attribute was in order to become a successful squash player. His answer… Accuracy.    

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Learn to improve your accuracy with the help of SquashSkills and SquashLevels

salming grit powerlite

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Put it into practice: Match preparation with Paul Coll

31st December 2018

We’ve had some fascinating new content on the site from world number 7 Paul ‘Superman’ Coll, looking at how he prepares himself for an important match and some of the things he does as part of his daily routine to build up to it. The aim of this article is to give you some practical tools you can take away from Paul’s advice, and help make your preparation as conducive to optimal performance as possible.

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The Practice Environment

12th December 2018
practice environment

The entire purpose of practice is to get better and there are different ways to achieve that, depending on how much better you want to get. Not everybody wants to be a professional and take their sport incredibly seriously and their practice will be a reflection of that. Some will have a desire to improve and be willing to push themselves in order to achieve the improvement that they seek. A very small percentage of people will want to be professionals, so their practice needs to prepare them for the demands of professional squash.

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Put it into practice: The Warm-Up

23rd August 2018
squash warm up

Here at SquashSkills we’ve highlighted many times how important the warm-up is for you to be able to compete at your highest possible level, yet it’s an area that is still very often neglected at an amateur level. 

With our new content this week we’ve given you an insight into not just why we do it and how important it is, but we’ve also laid out all the details as to how to properly construct a squash-specific warm-up of your own… So now there really is no excuse!

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3 key training tips for masters squash players

27th July 2018

Squash is an extremely fast-paced, high-energy sport, which can place a great deal of strain on the body. This short, intense nature coupled with the frequent twists, turns, and lunges of a rally, makes it a game that can unfortunately present quite a high injury risk.

This risk is typically greater for the older player, whose body has more mileage on the clock than their younger counterparts. For this reason, it’s crucially important that veteran players are more diligent and conscientious in their training to help keep them off the physio’s bed, and on the squash court.

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Malcolm Willstrop on Amr Shabana

6th July 2018
malcolm willstrop amr shabana

I first saw Amr Shabana at the World Junior Championships in Cairo in 1996, where Lee Beachill, Stewart Boswell and Anthony Ricketts were also competing and Shabs had the reputation of being a shotmaker without serious intent.

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Flow like the French!

29th June 2018
camille serme

We’re delighted to welcome Camille Serme to SquashSkills this week, as she takes us through her approach to the game technically, tactically, physically, and mentally – all of the 4 crucial components of the competitive squash player.

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Five things that make Ali Farag a great squash player

31st May 2018
ali farag

Here are five reasons why Ali Farag has risen to the top of the men’s game since graduating from Harvard University.

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PSA World Tour – The month ahead

5th April 2018
PSA World Tour

In the first of a new series here on SquashSkills we’re looking ahead at the major events coming up on the PSA World Tour over the next month and looking at who we feel are the in-form players and the names to watch as the action unfolds around the world.

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Decision making in squash

27th March 2018

Elite performers in sports such as squash are often lauded for their ability to play the right shot at the right time. While what is deemed the ‘correct’ shot may differ from player to player or coach to coach, it is certainly a key indicator of high level players that they have good decision making skills, that consistently result in a successful outcome. For those trying to improve their squash the ability to improve their decision making is thus an important factor, yet many players find it a difficult area of their game to consciously develop.

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How mental fatigue can affect your squash performance

5th January 2018
mental fatigue

Squash is a tough enough sport as it is, never mind when your evening game/training session has been preceded by a long day at the office.

Just about every player at every level will have at one time or another blamed a loss on work/social/family stresses while lamenting their poor performance, but is there any actual real evidence to support the validity of this oft-used ‘excuse’?

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Circuit training for squash

13th December 2017
circuit training

It’s not always easy trying to fit in extra training time to work on your squash fitness. Any session you manage to add in then, you obviously want to ensure is as guaranteed effective and as efficient as possible. A great way to organise your physical workouts to optimise this effectiveness and efficiency, is through the use of Circuits.

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Squash tactics: Learn how to read the game

17th November 2017
read squash game

When you watch top-level squash, or any sport, executed with grace, flow, timing, rhythm and skill do you ever wonder “how are they able to do that time and time again so effortlessly?”

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Flexibility for squash – part 1

16th November 2017
Flexibility for squash

When most people think ‘Flexibility’, they think ‘Stretching’. The idea that making the muscles ‘longer and looser’ is an essential part of warming-up, cooling down, and enhancing performance for a sport such as squash is one of those ideas that is pretty entrenched in most players minds.

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My SquashSkills experience – David Taylor

14th November 2017

I write to you from Leme Tênis Clube in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which was founded in 1914 and for many years was prominent in Rio de Janeiro for the level of its squash, as well as tennis.

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My SquashSkills experience – Garry Irwin

2nd November 2017
squashskills experience

It’s a pleasure to write this endorsement for SquashSkills. In September 2014, I had a major hip replacement which had been affecting my squash ability. I did not rush back into competitive play for 18 months after the operation.

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