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Circuit of the month: September

4th September 2019

In our SquashSkills ‘Circuit of the Month’ series, we give you a brand new squash-specific training session each month to help boost your physical conditioning.

Circuits are a fantastic method of training, perfect for squash players to use to help optimise available time and to get maximum impact from their workouts.

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3 Top Tips for Super-Charging Your Squash-Specific Speed!

29th August 2019

Speed is a huge asset in almost all sports, but especially so in a game like squash that relies so heavily on repeated movements to and from the ball, in both defence and attack.

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11 Points on Fitness Q&A: Tom Richards

28th August 2019
tom richards

We have a brand new edition of our popular ’11 Points on Fitness’ Q&A, this time featuring English international and world number 24, Tom Richards.

Tom had a very good start to the 2019/20 season in the China Open, overcoming Egyptian world junior champion Mostafa Asal with an excellent 3/0 victory, before falling to a very narrow 3/2 loss against world no. 1 Ali Farag in the quarter-finals.

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Laying a Strong Foundation

24th July 2019
laying a strong foundation

When most amateur players talk about ‘getting fitter’ for their squash, what they usually mean is that they want to increase their endurance – their ability to be able to maintain a higher work output for a longer period.

‘Fitness’ in relation to squash can refer to a whole range of different things however, and maximising your all-around physical conditioning requires an awareness of all these different elements – speed, power, mobility etc. Optimal physical performance on court requires more than just adding in some aerobic work in an attempt to boost your stamina – and getting stronger is a key part of this.

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11 Points on Fitness Q&A: Mazen Hesham

22nd May 2019

We have a brand new edition of our popular ’11 Points on Fitness’ Q&A, this time featuring Egyptian star Mazen Hesham.

Mazen has been on a long road back from injury after first bursting onto the scene several years ago, but a big win over Diego Elias at this week’s British Open is a sign that he’s almost back to his best.

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The 3 lunge exercises you need to include in your training programme!

20th March 2019
lunge exercises

The lunge action is one of the very fundamentals that squash is built around. The ability to rapidly move into and hold a strong stable lunge position is crucial to giving yourself the optimal base for maximising control of your shots.

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Put it into practice: Train like Paul Coll

26th February 2019
paul coll training

New Zealand’s Paul Coll is our featured player this week, and we’ve had a fantastic response to our exclusive documentary ‘More Than a Machine’ that examines the background and training regime of the Kiwi star.

The purpose of this blog is to give you some suggestions of elements you can incorporate into your training, to help allow you to put into practice some of Paul’s conditioning-related insights.

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Circuit training for squash

13th December 2017
circuit training

It’s not always easy trying to fit in extra training time to work on your squash fitness. Any session you manage to add in then, you obviously want to ensure is as guaranteed effective and as efficient as possible. A great way to organise your physical workouts to optimise this effectiveness and efficiency is through the use of Circuits.

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Flexibility for squash – part 1

16th November 2017
Flexibility for squash

When most people think ‘Flexibility’, they think ‘Stretching’. The idea that making the muscles ‘longer and looser’ is an essential part of warming-up, cooling down, and enhancing performance for a sport such as squash is one of those ideas that is pretty entrenched in most players minds.

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Limited space training for squash players

27th September 2017
limited space training

Squash is a sport that requires a high level of physical conditioning to excel. Players serious about their squash spend a lot of time and effort on their training programmes, working hard to squeeze in all of their sessions each week. It can thus be frustrating when workouts have to be moved or missed when work/family/social commitments intrude, and confine time and space availability.

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Are ankle weights beneficial for the squash player?

5th June 2017

We get a ton of great feedback and questions sent in to us here at SquashSkills, many that well warrant a wider audience. In a new periodical feature on the blog, we’re going to be expanding on some of these discussions and making them into full articles.

This week’s then, sees us addressing a recent question that came in from a member about the use of ankle weights for the squash player:

“I was wondering if you have any advice on utilising ankle weights while playing/training? I have heard that some Egyptian players do this?”

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Fitness programme update – Get stronger

16th March 2017
squash fitness

We’ve got a great selection of training programmes now live on the site, with more being added periodically.

Whether you’re looking to focus on your speed, your endurance, or if you’re just looking for a general all-round physical boost, there’s a programme for you.

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The best squash-specific exercise you’ve never heard of!

28th February 2017
split squat

It can often be difficult to squeeze in much extra time for any additional squash-specific conditioning training beyond your usual on-court sessions, so it’s important that anything that you do add really maximises the time you have available. One of the exercises you’ll often see in many of our sessions and programmes here on the site that really fits the bill, is the rear foot elevated split squat – a favourite of many top sports performance specialists and athletic trainers such as Eric Cressey and Mike Boyle.

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Unstable surface training for squash players

3rd February 2017
unstable surface training

In pretty much any large scale commercial gym you might wander into, you’re more or less guaranteed these days to see a number of various inflatable balls, foam blocks, wobble boards and other ‘Unstable Surface’ items of training equipment. But are they of any use for the squash player?

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Preparing for your summer squash training

20th January 2017

As with many sports, the arrival of Summer signals the end of the traditional squash season. While some players take a break or reduce their squash playing schedule to pursue other sports over the summer months, for many others it’s seen as the perfect opportunity to get in a good block of structured training to really focus on getting into peak shape, and to help ensure they can hit the ground running ready for the new season in the Autumn.

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3 top tips for your squash fitness training

21st December 2016
squash fitness

If you’re serious about taking your squash to the next level, at some point you’re going to have to incorporate some form of structured physical training into your programme.

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Fitness training specificity for squash players

28th November 2016
squash fitness training

As anybody who has played the sport will surely attest to, getting into the best possible physical condition for your squash can go a long way to ensuring you are able to play at your peak capabilities.

With this in mind, we try and cover a wide variety of different training methods and modalities here on SquashSkills to give you all the tools you need to perform at your very best.

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Types of stretching & flexibility training for squash

25th November 2016
squash stretching and flexibility

In our recent ‘Flexibility for Squash’ blog article, we looked at the use of stretching as part of a squash-specific warm-up, where the traditional concept of ‘static’ stretching was somewhat outdated and had shown little appreciable benefit in controlled studies.

In part 2 we looked more into the mechanics of stretching, the actual effects on the muscle, and what the latest research says as regards the potential use of flexibility training as part of a wider athletic programme. As an addendum, in this article, we’ll be exploring the different types of stretching in a little more detail.

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