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SquashSkills was created with the goal of giving everyone access to high level squash coaching, regardless of their standard or geographic location

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  • "I started SquashSkills because I wanted to help squash players get better at the game they love. By using video we were able to offer players of all levels the opportunity to learn from the world's best coaches, no matter where they lived. 

    The platform that you see before you now offers much more than just video coaching, it gives you the opportunity to plan your training both on and off the court in an effective manner, that will ultimately help you achieve your squash playing goals."

  • "When we launched the original SquashSkills in 2012 we were very player focused.

    As time went on we felt we realised that the resource was perfect for coaches who were looking to expand their knowledge and bring variety to their coaching. 

    We're very excited about building relationships with coaches and helping to enhance their offerings both on and off the court." 



  • You'll find an extensive library of coaching playlists from the world's best players & coaches covering all aspects of the game. New playlist are released bi-weekly. 

  • Every second week we release an in depth article that explains how to put what you've learnt the week before into practice with ready made sessions. 

  • Find ready made practice sessions or create your own using the session planning tool and exercise library. Never get bored practicing again!

  • Get access to the world's best squash specific fitness training library featuring exercises to improve all elements of your physicality.  

  • Track your progress and understand where your level is in relation to the pros. 

  • Get exclusive access to the member's Facebook group and ask specific questions about your game, or book a one to one squash analaysis with Jesse or build a training plan with Gary.


  • Learn from the World's best players & coaches
  • Practice anywhere with over 4,000 videos
  • Set goals & track your progress
  • Improve your game, whatever your level
  • Access to a global community
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