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Direct Coaching Critique

Once you've downloaded the V1 Sports+ App you can record your play and upload footage to Squashskills.com for bespoke, one-to-one technical analysis from either Peter Nicol or Jethro Binns that’s one-to-one professional coaching for only $19.99!

All uploads will be critiqued and returned within 48 hours, allowing users to quickly build a tailored mobile archive of lessons and learnings - accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Steven Howie

“Swing school has been a valuable tool in improving my game, easy to use, advice given is clear and extensive with a proper insight into technique and has allowed me to trouble shoot areas in my game which can be difficult to pinpoint without video analysis. My game has improved instantly, definitely the way forward in game improvement.”

Domingo Mihovilovic

“I just want to drop you a note to let you know that your feedback on my forehand and backhand video lessons has brought some remarkable results. I have been able to get some real speed on the ball. The improvement has been pretty dramatic and several people have commented about it. I feel I am following the footsteps of John White :-)”. By far the most effective lessons I have ever had. Thank you!