Monthly Conditioning Programme

In-Season Monthly Conditioning Programme

The purpose of this programme is to provide you with a squash specific programme that is flexible and fits in around your other commitments.

+ Learn how to use the programme

How It Works
  • There are 4 new workouts each month: 2 Foundation and 2 Supplementary.
  • 'Foundation' sessions are shorter and sharper, designed to be 'bolted-on' to your usual squash sessions - we advise you to try and make sure to fit these in each week around your current training.
  • 'Supplementary' sessions are generally sessions within themselves and will often be Gym based - these are there for those of you who wish to undertake additional physical training
  • Full info on each session is outlined in the attached PDFs.
  • We recommend that you take at least 24hrs rest between each conditioning session.
  • Always be aware of your body and don't attempt to push through any joint/muscular pain or injuries.
  • Any questions, please ask in the individual video comments, on the dedicated forum page or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.