Squashskills LIVE

Movement Coaching Camp

Guildford, 26th-27th September

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The theme for the first official Squashskills LIVE event will be around Movement. There’s a saying that goes ‘You’re only as good as your movement’ and we couldn’t agree more here at Squashskills. If you don’t get into good body positions you’re going to struggle to hit good shots. If you don’t move efficiently around the court, you’ll end up getting tired. If you don’t move quickly, you’re going to struggle to get the ball back.

With this is mind, we'll be primarily focusing on improving your movement across the course of the weekend. Fear not, this will not be 2 days of ghosting practice, we will focus on linking your movement to your shots in a variety of different ways whilst making sure that you have the opportunity to hit plenty of squash balls across the two days. The camp will also feature workshops led by Gary, Jesse and Lee that will focus on different facets of the game, allowing you to develop the skills to become a better squash player long after the camp has finished.

The Camp Will Cover:


The Venue:

The camp will take place over the weekend of the Septmeber 26th/27th at University Sports Park, Guildford, Surrey. We are just 30 miles from central London and 27 miles from Heathrow. With great road and rail connections it couldn't be more easily accessible! 


The cost of the camp will be £300, lunch on both days is included in the cost. All attendees will receive a Squashskills Performance T-Shirt.

Squashskills subscribers will be given first option to attend the camp with non-subscribers given the chance to sign up at a later date.

Accommodation options are available in the drop down menu. 

Extra Info:

There are only 24 places available and with some of those already pre-booked, secure your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment! 

Accommodation options

I just played for the first time after the camp. I don't believe that this is me playing! I have never played as calmly as this and the number of volleys and deadly drop shots that I took is unbelievable.

I just destroyed a guy that usually beats me. I was always in control of most of the rallies!!!

I really really sincerely thank you for how you managed to drastically improve my game in a weekend!

Thank you guys!

Bassel Salhab

"I would like to thank you guys for last weekend's squash camp. It was as enjoyable as ever and thought provoking. I think we all found some of the ideas about space challenging and, I know for my part, opened up some new thoughts. Just as helpful was the chat with some of the guys who passed on a few tips which I have put to good use already. So thanks again and I look forward to the next one."

And a little story for you. I have played in the local leisure centre league for the last year and have been trying to put the lessons you and Drew, in particular, have been instilling in me. I have been trying to perfect the disguise of the forehand drop from the front of the court as taught at the Birmingham camp. You will be delighted to hear that on Wednesday I heard Gavin, my opponent say wearily from behind me, "I can't believe I fell for that again!" as I beat him in straight sets. I last played Gavin a year ago and he beat me. It is a measure of my improvement that not only did I defeat him, I demoralised him completely. While I take some responsibility for that, you and the coaches gave me the tools to figure out better what I should be doing. Yesterday I played Seb who, on falling for the same disguised drop shot trick, shouted, "I f****** hate losing to that shot." It was a club night and I heard the murmurs of assent and empathy with Seb's pain from those watching that had been victims of the same shot. They good naturedly joined in bewailing their inability to read it. Without you and your coaches that little bit of skill and humour would never have made it into this corner of the world, so many thanks again.

Alex Bourn

"Just wanted to follow up and say how positive I feel after the squash camp - I have a warm fuzzy glow type feeling about the whole thing :)

Prior to this, I've taken lessons, I've read articles on site, watched the videos on your site & studied the pros in action. However, I don't think I've ever before had such a clear understanding of what I need to do now to improve my game - and it's also given me fresh, simple ideas about what to do for my physical training."

Leo Chester Vancover

"The weekend was outstanding. I may have mentioned that I have done camps before and what stood out above the others were the take-aways - the personal sheets, the skill games etc and the V1 analysis. TO me that marked the course out as exceptional and sets it apart from the others I have done and the others I know about - I am acutely aware, as an accountant, that fundamentally this is a business and that you have competitors!!! With others I always get the feeling that whilst the coaches are undoubtedly skilled in the game, (with the amount of information disseminated, it's simply impossible to take very much in and the majority is often forgotten in the subsequent days, often the most important things too!) the coaches skill set is based more on their understanding of the game rather than the less glamorous aspect of paperwork, which is essential if you are going to give players the tools for them to improve their game in the long term."